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a la carte services

Designed to be experience and relationship driven, 10 Atelier offers a nuanced, fresh and passionate approach. For each partnership we create a bespoke package of services from our below specialties that sets out to achieve relevant and timely business goals. 


Creative Consulting

Public Relations

Public Relations includes activities in pursuit of press. We work closely with each partner to identify target publications and outlets that are appropriate for their goals, audience and sales channels. Our cherished network of lifestyle, design and art editors are relationships we call on regularly to share news from our partners. Our activities within this umbrella include pitching, press release writing, press kit creation and management as well as earned coverage reporting. 

Marketing is a large umbrella for us and for our partners. Varying upon a brand's goals, activities include copywriting for printed and digital brand collateral, building and printing a collection catalog (we've done this primarily for our art clients), creatively brainstorming and executing an annual campaign...the sky is the limit. In short, we offer strategic ideas for marketing activities that support a brand's story across internal, B2B and/or B2C communication channels.

Similar to the large umbrella that Marketing is, Consulting is a wide arena within which our projects span the gamut of internal and external facing activities. Examples of consulting work include working with start up brands to aid in brainstorming and drafting business plans, working with established brands who are looking to refresh their image with a website overhaul and/or new branding campaign and working regularly with brands to support in business development activities such as supporting new retail introductions and partnerships.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a service that hones in on supporting our partners with quarterly, 6-month, annual or multi-year strategy plans and timelines for execution. We work hand in hand to not only brainstorm thoughtful action items to achieve the desired goals but also support with suggested internal timelines that ultimately aid in our joint partnership objectives. 

Product Development Consulting

Whether it is physical or programmatic, we offer strategic support from a variety of lenses in the arena of product development. The scope of support can include brainstorming, consulting on and executing of Go to Market plans based on strategic category insights, identification of target audience and overarching business goals. We offer a tactical approach to ensure collections, programs and individual products are launched on time in full in a meaningful way. 

Relationship Building / Networking

The bread and butter of our work with our partners is helping to build lasting and genuine relationships with key audiences. These audiences, depending on the scope and business objectives of each partner, can include editors across target publications, industry professionals with whom our partners are eager to engage as well as consumers in non-local and local areas. 

Event Planning

Whether it is an intimate seated dinner for 12 or a soirée in New York City or Paris for 50+ guests, we work hand in hand with our clients to dream up and execute tasteful events that create lasting impressions. These events are live storytelling moments where the essence of your brand has the opportunity to shine in an in-person networking moment that is at once celebratory and highly productive.

Social Media Strategy

We understand social media for business. Social media is a powerful - albeit occasionally overwhelming - tool, wherein this service aids our partners in creating a digestible and productive strategy. Typically we work in quarters in an effort to continually gauge audience response, changes in algorithms and keeping in line with our partners' goals.  

Trade Shows/ Industry Support

Separate from event planning, we offer Trade Show management and onsite support. This includes but isn't limited to liaising with show management to ensure all marketing opportunities are understood and taken advantage of, logistics support and managing communication outreach for desired attending audiences including buyers, industry professionals and editors. We also offer industry event support including but not limited to onsite support and invitation management as well as sharing news of relevant industry happenings that would be worth attending.

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